Mois : mars 2022

  • mars 20, 2022

Artist collective Elkoy opens a pop-up art gallery in New York City to showcase their unique Art QR codes. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate how B2B businesses can benefit from phygital space through Art QR Codes due to their versatility & ease of use.

  • mars 18, 2022

Dripping with laid-back L.A. vibes, this vivid print transports us to the heyday of West Coast hip-hop. Grab your phone and scan it to honor the legacy of a musical icon and keep the dream alive.

  • mars 3, 2022

The Art QR Code begins its takeover of the North American market to the general public & media at the opening of a temporary pop-up gallery in Soho, at 89 Crosby Street. New York City, from April 8 to 22, 2022! For full details on the Pop-up Art Gallery, visit