The end of the Pop-up Art QR Code Gallery

  • avril 27, 2022

Having received such a positive reception for the QR Code Art has made us extremely happy. 

Setting up a temporary gallery in a city as vibrant as New York allowed us to see the response to the possibilities of the Art QR Code for brand storytelling.

Held at 89 Crosby Street in New York City, from April 8 to April 19, 2022,  The pop-up’s location guaranteed a steady stream of visitors, while the Star Wars QR Code Art on our window captured the attention and curiosity of passers-by.

While most guests came in after seeing the Star Wars Art QR Code, several learnt about the event through our Art QR Code stickers strewn around SoHo and New york city, and a few had seen our press release on media like Yahoo!Finance or Eventbrite.

The event was a great success, and we’re eager to bring the Pop-up Art QR Code gallery to Montreal soon.

About Art QR Codes

The Art QR Code is a highly personalized visual that refers to concrete action. Taking the form of a work of art, the Art QR Code is the graphic evolution of the black and white QR Code.

The result of this evolution is an attractive communication tool that exists both as a brand story and as a stand-alone work of art. It is also a great key to phygital activation.

About The Elkoy Artist Collective

The Elkoy Artist Collective was formed in 2020 to spark a revolution in QR Code design. Assisted by a proprietary software suite, the team invented producing codes that offered more marketing potential than their boxy predecessors.

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Media coverage

We are thankful for the media coverage the Art QR Code pop-up gallery received. Thanks to a partnership with CISION, here are some of the media that covered our event:

Featured Art QR Codes from the NYC Gallery

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Pop-up Art QR Code Post-mortem / Press kit