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ArtQrCode® unleash the storytelling potential of your brand

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Breaking physical & digital barriers, one artwork at a time. The ArtQrCode® is above all a technological feat.

Every great design begins with an even better story.

Pakito, ArtQrCode® Manager

The ArtQrCode® can be used on several means of communication

Mise en situation Art QR Code Ruinart
Art exhibition

Why not use this innovative work of art at your next event to stand out from the competition and impress your audience? Among other uses, the ArtQrCode® can support your communication during an event or exhibition. 


Transform a simple QR Code into a unique and original piece of art that will catch the attention of your customers. The ArtQrCode® can be adapted to different media, such as magazines, packaging or posters, offering a host of possibilities for maximizing the impact of your message on your audience. 

Advertisment display

A significant advantage of the ArtQrCode® lies in its flexibility. It can be adapted to various surfaces, including bus shelters, building walls, billboards and more. This allows you to maximize your chances of capturing your audience’s attention, no matter where they are. 


The ArtQrCode® is a great way to draw attention to your foundation and raise awareness of your cause. You can include Art QR Codes on posters, flyers, brochures or even promotional items to direct people to your website, social media or other platforms where they can learn more about your foundation and support your cause. 


Thanks to its flexibility, the ArtQrCode® adapts perfectly to all communication media, whether flyers, posters, banners or even promotional items. It can also be used to generate leads by redirecting visitors to a sign-up page for your newsletter or social networks. 

Art QR Codes need to be more than a technical feat. They must link to a concrete action, a real marketing promise.

Once the consumer is captivated by the aesthetics of Art QR Codes, what are the real-world applications? The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination .We can create a complete experience from the ArtQrCode®: landing page, Instagram filter, contest, newsletter, traffic analysis, performance metrics and so on. 
The Art QR Code has the power to meet the needs of a multitude of sectors (luxury, fashion, food, culture, tourism, sport…). Once scanned, the ArtQrCode® allows direct access to a variety of information channels: users can view videos, enter a game, call a phone number, read news feeds, consult a commercial site and more. 


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