Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is an Art QR Code?
    • The Art QR Code is a highly-customizable Quick Response code, which can be static, in video format, printed or even a GIF! It can be printed, on an electronic display or on any object! We can customize Art QR Codes in almost any shapes, forms, and colors (including 3D).
  • When & where were Art QR Codes created?
    • The Art QR Code was created in 2020 in France.
  • Who created the Art QR Codes?
    • The Art Collective ELKOY created the Art QR Code, led by Eric Baesa.
  • What inspired the Art QR Code?
    • Eric Baesa’s travels inspired the Art QR Code to Asia, where large businesses have integrated QR Codes as a contactless payment method coherent to the Pandemic. Since the “classic” QR Code is seen as aesthetically unappealing and lacks storytelling value, Eric began to think about a QR Code alternative that would allow the integration of graphic elements & storytelling potential. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he created a new generation of QR Codes that would allow branding & graphical elements integration.
  • Do I need to make a reservation before attending the Pop-up Art QR Code Gallery?
    • Yes! Please head on Eventbrite to book a timeslot and reserve the number of tickets you need before heading to the Gallery. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions as well as Fire Safety protocols, the Gallery can host a maximum of 125 guests. Guest reservations will be checked upon entry on site.
  • How can I reserve a timeslot to come visit the Pop-up Art QR Code Gallery?
  • Will there be an event schedule available online?
      • Yes! We will add an event schedule identifying which Art QR Code Creators will be on-site to answer any of your questions regarding media, press, business or general inquiries about Art QR Codes and the creative processes behind them. We’ll update the Eventbrite event page as soon as the Calendar has been finalized.
  • Do Art QR Codes work for any industry?
    • Yes! Only your imagination is the limit .
  • How can the brand/product/institution I represent benefit from Art QR Codes?
    • As simple as you would use any visual, making branded Art QR Codes takes a LITTLE more time than making any simple marketing visual. Art QR Codes are highly versatile and customizable, which means you can print them on fabric, on paper, or any product’s packaging. You can also showcase them on digital space (like social media or a live video), you can show them on any screen, and you can even commission us to make a 3D Art QR Code! The only limit to the Art QR Code’s customization is your imagination! Click here to read more about Art QR Codes
  • For Media & Press Inquiries, you can either contact our PR and Communications specialist Andréanne D. at adupere (at) takeoffcreative (dot) com or fill in the Contact form available here: 
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